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Missions and Services

• Bookkeeping/Accounting and Tax

  • Accounting work (Capture and encoding of the accounting documents;
  • Preparation of the interim and annual financial statements (balance sheet, Profit & Loss account)
  • External Auditor Mandate;
  • Tax representation with the Luxemburg authorities;
  • Completion of periodic and annual VAT Report;
  • Direct tax returns for for individual and companies;
  • Assistance in case of tax audit.

• Business Services

  • Incorporation and management of companies;
  • Restructuring of companies based either in Luxemburg or abroad
  • Administrative procedures with the aim of the obtaining of the authorization of establishment;
  • Administrator's mandate;
  • Transmission of companies;
  • Secretariat  and legal planning of companies;
  • Financial Engineering.

• Payroll, Social Security and Human Resources consulting

Our experts can assist you with all aspects of your Payroll and HR, including:

  • Administrative formalities;
  • Assistance in affiliation and disaffiliation of staff members
  • Calculation of salaries and treatments;
  • Management and follow-up of tax declarations;
  • Issuance of annual salary certificates;
  • Recruitment and Staff training;
  • Human resources consulting;
  • Coverage and training of the trainees.

Domiciliation and Management

Companies wishing to establish their headquarters in Luxembourg can do so at the offices of FIDUCIAIRE BKML by establishing a Luxembourg corporate address under a domiciliation agreement

  • Head office in the respect for the "Domiciliation law " of May 31st, 1999;
  • Administrator and liquidator Mandate;
  • Mandate of statutory auditor;
  • Trustee Services (confidentiality of the investments and financial participations);
  • Rent of offices and meeting room;
  • Secondary Services(Departments).

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Our new website is online

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